It’s awfully quiet in here…

So first post ever . . . right then.. It’s awfully quiet in here and I’ve no idea whatsoever on what I should put so I’m just going to rough it or whatever they call it and pray that I don’t embarrass myself. Man oh man but these first post things can be awfully awkward, actually any firsts are awkward, and embarrassing and difficult so I’m hoping I’ll be excused just this once for any blunders/faux pas committed… Um okay have I done it, is it like enough for a first post?.. I should really stop here and put me out of my misery and move on to post number two which will hopefully be much kinder to my equilibrium, so good stuff… Um, okay I’m officially stopping all my babbling now… heh


5 thoughts on “It’s awfully quiet in here…

    1. Thanks, much appreciated. I have to admit it terrified me, it was the reason I procrastinated close to oh 7 months I think it was to posting it… Which is admittedly making me feel kinda silly now that is done and out of the way… hehe 🙂 And thanks for the follow. I found your blog through The Ranting Chef and checked it out and I have to say I loved what little I managed to read so far, you have a great project going on there.

      1. Indeed. Nice to meet you too. And I have to say you are very sweet to have christened this new endeavour of mine with it’s first ever comment. x

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