About Me

Well I’m a 27-year-old Journalist, happily graduated in July 2010, not-so-happily  now unemployed…

One day I’ll write a book, or maybe not…

I am very passionate with my work and recently I have acquired a new-found love for montage and radio programming, as far as media go, I love the written word but I am absolutely in love with radio as a medium and one could say that my chosen vocation pretty much chose me early on and is my raison d’être. I could not think of a better more creative way to fill my hours daily…

I’m girly, geeky, extremely organized but at the same time extremely disorganized, reserved yet at times impulsive, obsessed with cleanliness but also messy & clumsy. I’m a regular paradox me, just one huge contradiction!

I love when people are driven, ambitious yet kind and empathetic & I’m insatiably curious. I love words. It’s not hard to thrill or enthral me and I make excellent cookies.

One day I’ll see the whole world.

I love love to read and write, knit, watch romantic comedies, films noir and paranormal-themed movies/series as well as period ones, bit of a geek (highlighting the fact just in case..) and a real nerd’s nerd. You can often find me watching the Food Network and the Travel Channel as well as Home Decorating programs.. Just a few of my guilty pleasures..

That’s that in a nutshell I guess.. I’m sure there’s much more to me that I’m forgetting . . . huh guess I’m a bit of a scatterbrain, oh and easily distractible too..

PS: I would appreciate it if my header photos and any photos (I will clearly state which photos I have taken, which ones I haven’t and so on…) at that including any written content are not plagiarized, as I’m the photographer/writer and the owner and as such own the copyright etc. Thanks.

PPS: This is a personal blog and as such all opinions are mine and not meant to defame or insult anyone nor to plagiarise anything or anyone. Please be respectful, we may certainly not always agree with each other but we may agree to disagree and respect each others’ opinions regardless delivered always in a polite manner.


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